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Erard Grecian


Erard Grecian harp, 43 Strings, 1st E to 7th E.

Age: #5024, 1836

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Fully restored to "as new" condition. New soundboard fitted with gilded decorative Grecian figures as found on original Erard harps. New neck, constructed as per original using solid timbers (no laminates or plywood). The swell pedal is fully functional and operates the rear swell doors which have gilded decorations. Mechanism has been stripped, partially re-riveted, cleaned, polished and re-lacquered. Decorations repaired and re-gilded using a combination of water and oil gilding. Bow brand light gauge gut strings fitted with Salopian strings bass wire strings, tuned to A440, suitable for recital work. 

Feel free to contact me to view or play the harp or if you have any questions.

Price: £14,000

Location: North Wales, U.K

Contact: Mr Steffan Micallef-Jones, (contact me)

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