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We repair all aspects of harps, including soundboards, necks, sound boxes, mechanisms etc. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our work. We repair all makes and models of harps (Salvi, Lyon and Healy, Erard, Camac & Horngacher etc).

New soundboard fitted to a Lyon & Healy 85. Hand decorated with 23k gold.

Sound Boards

All of our soundboards are made with only the finest quality Sitka Spruce. Soundboards are planed and graduated by hand to the original specifications ensuring that the tonal qualities of your harp remain the same.


We can reproduce necks for any make or model of harp, including pedal and lever harps. Our antique harp necks are made using the same materials and techniques as the originals (no plywood or laminates). All of our replacement necks are finished (coloured/polished) to match the original, meaning that you'll never know it has been replaced. 

Erard Gothic new harp neck
Salvi harp mechanism repair


Sometimes the smaller mechanical parts of a harp can wear or break.  We can reproduce and repair all mechanical parts of a harp, including discs and pins, mechanism links, springs and all parts of the pedal assembly. I have even reproduced a complete brass mechanism plate. Feel free to contact me if your having any mechanical issues with your harp.


We have a large selection of moulds allowing us to repair or replace damaged decorative mouldings.  We are also able to replecate and repair decorations using hand carving or modelling techniques. Decorative repair can also include full or partial re-gilding, scratch/small damage repair, re finishing (painting/polishing) complete harps or even adding new decorations to soundboards etc. 

Erard spiral Gothic gilded decorations
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