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We specialise in the restoration of 19th century pedal harps. We can repair or rebuild all parts of the harp, using original construction methods and specifications to ensure an authentic sound.

Cousineau harp restoration

We can fully restore your harp to a 'like new' condition or we can sympathetically restore your harp, ensuring it plays like new but maintains an 'antique aesthetic'. 

By using a combination of moulds and free hand work we are able to restore all decorative work, including re gilding.

Erard Spiral Gothic fully restored harp

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our restored harps. When we restore a harp we make sure that it not only looks like new but also plays like new.  Our aim is to keep these harps playing for another 200 years!

Fully restored Erard Grecian harp

Our fully restored harps are stripped back to the last screw before being rebuild. This allows us to check over every aspect of the harp and make the necessary repairs. We can be confident then that the harp not only looks and sounds fantastic but it is also structurally and mechanically sound.  

Erard Grecian harp pillar gilded
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