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Erard Gothic neck replacement!

A seriously broken neck of an Erard Gothic harp

This Erard Gothic came into the workshop with a seriously broken neck! Unfortunately the mechanism had also gone through the soundboard. Luckily the damage to the soundboard wasn't too severe which meant it could be repaired rather than having to replace the whole soundboard. The same could not be said for the neck.

New Erard Gothic neck and re painted decorations.

When making a new neck for an Erard harp, I always use solid wood just like the originals. In my eyes (and ears!) this helps to keep that authentic Erard tone.

Erard Gothic neck repair

As well as making a new neck for this harp,` the customer also asked me to clean, re-polish and re-lacquer all of the brass work.

Repolished harp mechanism

A cleaned and repolished mechanism really brings a harp back to life!

Re-painted Erard Gothic pedal box

As well as the structural repairs the decorations were also cleaned, repaired and repainted. This new gold paint really freshened up this beautiful harp.

Re-painted Erard  Gothic decorations

The pedal box's griffons looking good with a fresh coat of paint!

Erard Gothic with a new neck, re-painted decorations and re-polished mechanism

After all the work that had gone into this harp I was very pleased with how it turned out. Let me know what you think of it. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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